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Reading A to Z in the Daily Post

The Daily Prompt in the Daily Post had a lot of weekly challenges. I pick one in them. Thus it the "A to Z" and I will write a short story in English please. (on purpose because blogreaders know English only - or others languages so I don't know myself.) I'll also write in French, the same theme but the sentences will be different. 

Good reading. Bonne lecture.


The Daily Post says : " Create a short story, piece of memoir, or epic poem that is 26 sentences long, in which the first sentence begins with “A” and each sentence thereafter begins with the next letter of the alphabet.  Photographers, artists, poets: show us ORDERLY.


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 "Among us, Leyla (1), you are the one who cannot read, right ? asks Mattew. Be a wise girl, say us the truth : we don't judge you."


"Can I reveal my secret, which is I know reading but only my own language, Arabic ? Do I be able to keep the control on my life after revealing that ?"


Energycally, Leyla answers a shy no. Feeling like a little girl who has been punished for being a silly girl, she expects to hear the mocquery that similar scenes are always occured but it does not. 


"Grammar is the most difficult part of reading, replies Mattew. Hopefully, you already know the letters sounds because you talk very well and... I like your voice..."


It has been said in breath, these last words of Mattew's.

Jeopardizing or not, Leyla is thinking : Mattew is a gentle guy who takes care for her and to help her in her integration into the Wild West City's of Colorado Springs"Keep calm and learn read" seems to be Mattew's moto right here right now.


Leyla nods while her friend goes up to bring a thick book with the soft title America, A Narrative History under his arm. Manly, he takes a wooden seat that he turns it back against the large dinner table and then he invites his girl friend on another but cosy,cushy armchair. Noon it is, when they both start to read aloud - it will be after lunch that they will take the habit to read everyday that God makes.  Over and over, Mattew sets right (2) Leyla's mistakes ; then she repeats the correct words so often that it seems to turn in psalms.


Perfectly would Leyla read, happy she is be because of his resolute lecture and his countless time with her. Quiverring (3), himself isn't high rank in education - he's a farmer kid - but he stickes it out (4) and the best he could.


Rather than being annoyed by this daily noise, the familly's other members give an hand to her learning so and then it's finished in animated chats about America's history, culture and way of life. So far, the reading of the book has reached its more than half pages when Sally, Mattew's stepfather, gives a present to Leyla.


"To regard to your great work as well as in our home, I count you like my own daughter," he solemly claims, a hand on his chest.

Unduly (5) confused; Leyla applauds this great sentence, quickly along the whole family. V-sign at her left hand, she discovers a beautiful bookmarker in American colors as her gift. 


"Wonderful," she cries silently. 

"X-mas isn't the next day at the calendar yet ; tough I have something for all of you too," declars Sally to Mattew and his siblings.


Yaps and yielding suddently and so much that who says what are not hearable.

Zebra wooden doll with woollen, back and white hair to Jenny for learning every organ because she would be a doctor and colorfull, so tiny wood balls to Bryan and Peter for playing with children and also a bookmarker to Mattew for accompagning Leyla in reading are so cool that myself will be reading and writting a narrative (hi)story !




(1) pronoucing [li'læ], Arabic girl name meaning "the night".


Words I don't know before this writting :

(2) reform, correct;

(3) shaking;

(4) persevere;

(5) extremly.

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